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top end disassembly

By superwesman - Posted on 05 January 2011

I've had two setbacks on this project. First, someone broke into my house the day before Thanksgiving. Since it was a holiday, I couldn't get anyone to repair my door until Saturday, which means I lost two and a half days of prime garage time. The second setback was my schedule which consisted of a Snow Angels show, my birthday, TRON LEGACY, x-mas vacation back home and NYE in New Orleans. The good new is that I do have the engine at my house!

I got the top end off the engine, but found quite a few problems straight away.

It seems that something was wrong with my cam chain and it was rubbing against the engine cases and the cam chain guide. In the photo of the cam chain guide, you can see that the right end is pointy and sharp and shows exposed metal. It's difficult to see in the photo of the rockerbox, but if you look at the out-of-focus edge carefully, you'll see two substantial peaks. This is some metal buildup that was scraped from the interior of the rockerbox and displaced so that points down toward the cylinder head. Similar erosion can be seen on the in-focus side.

It also looks like my cam chain tensioner is pretty thoroughly chewed up. I've added that to my list of things to replace.

The Clymer manual predicted that my pistons would have carbon deposits based on my high compression reading. What I can't figure out is why two of these long engine bolts have blue paint on them. I also found that one of my piston rings was broken.

As I got into the clutch-side, I noticed that my oil filter was caked in metal flakes. I cleaned this out in the beginning of August, so the amount of metal I'm seeing here is obscene.

The oil filter cap was also full of flakes.

It's tough to say which is the worst discovery, but this broken piece of my lower crankcase certainly makes the list. This is one of the points where the engine mounts to the frame.