You are heresplit crankcase and reassembled petcock

split crankcase and reassembled petcock

By superwesman - Posted on 22 January 2011

I have reached a milestone in the engine disassembly.  The crankcase is split!

I tied a rope through the mount holes on the bottom and pulled on it while pushing on the upper crankcase with my thumb and it just popped right open!

As always, I found a few problems while inspecting this area.  

My shift shaft is damaged.  It's tough to see in the photo because of the flash, but there is some marring on the surface which is preventing me from pulling it out of the crankcase cover.  Fortunately, I intend to replace the lower crankcase cover (because one of the engine mount holes is broken) and the shift shaft (because the end that holds the shifter pedal is stripped) so I won't need to remove this for my purposes.

The spring on my shift drum stopper is also broken.  Oddly enough, the broken piece of the spring got tangled into the rest of the spring.  

My netral switch rotor seems to be worn on one end.  I am not sure whether this is only cosmetic or indicates a problem.  


Visually, the transmission and crankshaft look fine, but I'm going to have them measured to make sure.  


I don't really want to go through any of this again so I need to be thorough and check everything!

I found my petcock rebuild kit and reassembled it while watching some episodes of The IT Crowd.  It looks great after the chem-dip treatment.  However, it is a very small victory.  My next step is to start looking for what can be salvaged from my parts engine.

I also brought my engine covers back from the garage.  If time allows, I'm going to strip and polish them.  Unfortunately, I'm going to have to put the bike on the back burner for February while my friends and I work on our RPM Challenge record, Cat Out of Hell.

I'll be back in March!