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right side carburetor cleaned and reassembled

By superwesman - Posted on 19 November 2010

I reassembled my right carburetor tonight. I replaced the 105 high-speed jet with the 115 that came with my rebuild kit. I also replaced the float bowl gasket. The other components seem fine and Benjamin suggested that I leave them alone until there's a reason to change them. While I was reassembling it, I did a bit more cleaning. Check out the difference between it and the dirty one!

Click that for a much larger picture. I'm going to dip the left carb either tonight or tomorrow. I also need to disassemble the outlet on the right carb because there is a small plastic washer that I neglected to replace.

Here are some more comparison pictures.

In addition to my carb rebuild kit, I also got my starter block-off plug and my new calipers!