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parts engine disassembly

By superwesman - Posted on 23 January 2011

Disassembling my parts engine proved to be very easy, compared to my bike's engine!  I was able to get most of it disassembled in just a few hours.  I borrowed a 240 foot/pound impact wrench and no fastener stood in my way.

I would like to thank Dan again for setting me up with this engine.

As you can read on the label above, it's from a CL350.  Most of the exterior showed lots of rust, but all of the bolts came out quite easily.

The side covers weren't even screwed in. They were just set i place.  You can see here that the sprocket is thoroughly rusted.

Yet, in spite of all of that, the clutch looked great!

The gaskets all peeled off the mating surfaces with no trouble.  I wonder whether they were treated a certain way, or whether exposure to the elements facilitated this.  Every gasket on my bike was firmly attached and crumbled when I removed them.  They'll all have to be scraped off with a razor blade which I might do today since it's so cold out.

The lower crankcase cover is in great condition.  I will definitely be able to use it, except that I can't get the shift shaft out of this one either!  Every other piece is removed except for this.

The other good news is that the cam chain tensioner, guide and roller are all in excellent condition!  For those three parts alone, this engine has already saved me over $100!

The only problem is that the pistons are rusted to the cylinders!  

I've got some work ahead of me to get these out for sure.

I've got these soaking in liquid wrench now.  My next step is to remove my valves so that I can take all the engine covers to get bead blasted!