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removal of carburetors, seat and fuel tank plus preliminary engine dismantling

Today i made my first real progress on this project. I'm weeks behind, but at least I got something done tonight. I removed my carburetors, seat, fuel tank and both the passenger and driver foot pegs.

delayed start and more compression testing

I've decided to delay the start of this project by 2 weeks in order to take part in a small-displacement ride to Starved Rock but I haven't just been sitting around doing nothing. I've started digging deeper into the tasks and planning my schedule. I also got a chance to re-check my compression and ordered some more supplies.

compression test and sparkplug condition

My Actron Professional Compression Tester arrived today so I hurried home to test my compression!

cb350 shopping list

I've already got some of the items I'll need for my CB350 rebuild, but I'm sure this list will grow as I dissect the bike and find issues.

honda cb350 rebuild

I've decided to do a complete rebuild of my Honda CB350. It's a very ambitious project and several people have advised me against it. However, I am extremely confident nonetheless. Since it will soon be getting too cold to ride here in Chicago, I'd like to utilize the off-season to get to know this bike intimately.

Replacing Condenser and Contact Breaker Points

Here are some videos I made while replacing my condenser and points. Unfortunately, I couldn't hold the camera and work at the same time, so it's mostly my commentary on things I either just did or was just about to do.

Setting Ignition Timing

Here are some videos I made while setting the ignition timing on a Honda CB350. The quality isn't great because I did it at night.