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By superwesman - Posted on 17 January 2011

A while back I won an auction for some rearsets.  They are RAASK brand and were taken from a Kawasaki.  

I still don't know how well they will work, but they were significantly less expensive than anything else I found new.  

The auction included the full set and some extra parts.  After it arrived, I took everything apart to get an inventory.  There are three pegs and three pedals, plus some linkage pieces.

The two pegs on the bottom pivot, which is great.  However, the middle one has a skinny peg and won't fit securely into any of the pedals.  

The two pedals on the left appear to be from the same set.  I think that the left pedal is meant as a brake pedal that sits above the kickstarter.  The right pedal seems to be from a different set.

I'm not sure whether the linkage pieces on top here will be long enough.  The middle pieces connect the linkage pieces to the pedals and/or shift/brake assembly.  Unfortunately, the set only included two.  The other pieces might allow me to connect the brake linkage to the existing pivot point on the bike.  There's still a lot here that's up in the air.


Here's how the brake side might look assembled.  I chose the looped pedal here simply because it matches the other pedal.  Note that I put the pivotable peg here to allow clearance for the kickstarter.

This shows the shift side assembled.  Note that this peg doesn't flip up.

I may end up using this pedal for the brake and I would love to use this flip-up pedal if only it had a thicker "arm" to mount it to the pedal.

All of this is subject to change once I get these near the frame and have a chance to do some experimentation.  I'm confident that the shift side will work, but I have some concerns about the brake side.  I also need to devise some locking mechanism so that the pedals don't spin.