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By superwesman - Posted on 29 September 2010

Vintage Motorcycle Mailing Lists

The VinMoto mailing lists are excellent sources of information and local expertise and advice.

Honda General Manuals

Common Service Manual [pdf - 66MB]
Motorcycle Carburetion [pdf - 31MB]
Motorcycle Electrical Systems [pdf - 183MB]

Honda CB350

honda-cb350-twin-shop-manual (K1-G models) [pdf - 34MB]
Honda CB250 CL250 CB350 and CL350 Workshop Manual (© 1969) [pdf - 28MB]

CB350 Wiring Diagram [jpg]

1968 CB350 parts fiche [zip - 1MB]
1970 CB350K2 parts fiche [zip - 1MB]
1971 CB350K3 parts fiche [zip - 1MB]
1972 CB350K4 parts fiche [zip - 1MB]
1973 CB350G parts fiche [zip - 1MB]

There are two online communities dedicated to Honda twin-cylinder motorcycles - including the CB350 - and  The former is quite active while the latter is all but dead.

I prefer the Clymer manual over the Haynes manual but having at least one of these is a necessity.

Here's a CB350 blog that features a detailed carburetor rebuild walkthrough. You can also check out for more information on CB350 carburetors and jets.

Honda CB750

1982-CB750C-owners-manual [pdf - 4MB]
Honda-1979-1983-CB750-DOHC-Service-Manual [pdf - 58MB] 

Honda CB750C DOHC Wiring Diagram [jpeg]

1980 CB750C parts fiche [zip - 1MB]

For DOHC models, check out For earlier models, try Either or both of the Clymer or Haynes manuals are strongly recommended.

Other Wiring Diagrams

A post on has a huge collection of wiring diagrams for all sorts of motorcycles and scooters.

Parts Suppliers

Power Barn [Wisonsin]
Bore Tech
North City Vintage Honda [Washington]
Sirius Consolidated [Ontario]
Motorcycle Solutions [Wisconsin]
Western Hills Honda [Ohio]
Northeast Vintage Cycle [New York]