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the engine is out of the frame

By superwesman - Posted on 29 November 2010

I finally got my engine out!

I bought a new cutting wheel for my Dremel and after hacking away with it and banging with a rubber mallet for another 30 minutes or so, I destroyed the tack weld and removed the gear shifter. With that out of the way, I was able to remove the engine.I went through the Clymer's guide and did the bare minimum to take out the engine. It recommends taking off the stator and all the covers. I didn't feel like doing that, though in hindsight, I probably should have because I took them off as soon as the engine was out. The one thing I did remove was the cylinder head cover so that I could get the room to take it out. Once it was out I promptly stripped out one of the hex bolts I have on my oil filter cover! I've got the right crankcase cover at home so I can try to unstick that. While I was at Home Depot getting my cutting wheel, I picked up a Ryobi 8-Piece Mini Buffing Kit. This has a mandrel that will fit to a standard electric drill and I've got some polishing wheels for the dremel, so between these two, I should have able to get my covers (sprocket plus right and left crankcase) polished. Depending on how well that goes, there's a slim chance I will try to polish the whole engine. I will most likely strip it and paint it. The few gaskets I've encountered are, as expected, in poor shape so I'll be replacing those as I get everything apart to clean/strip/paint/polish.