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carburetors are rebuilt - petcock is disassembled

By superwesman - Posted on 22 November 2010

I spent some more time yesterday attacking that tack weld on my gear shifter. Unfortunately, the grinding wheel I have has worn down significantly and I've noticed a great degradation in its performance. Here is a photo of me "working it" with my helmet on because I don't have safety glasses at the garage.

While I was grinding, I was dipping the parts for my left carburetor. After I accepted the fact that I'm going to need to buy a new grinding wheel to finish off this tack weld removal, I moved on to my fuel lines and petcock. I cleaned the fuel lines (inside and out) and the clamps that hold them together with WD40, sprayed them out with compressed air and left them to dry.

While taking apart the petcock, I noticed that one of the seals was torn. The two black rings to the left of the lever in the photo below are parts of the same seal. It was ripped apart and half of it was sticking up perpendicular to the rest of it.

When I got home, I made the mistake of hastily ordering a petcock rebuild kit from motorcycle solutions (there place where I got the starter block off plug) before realizing that I could have bought all three parts in that kit for less money at bikebandit.

I also watched some more 30 rock, drank some more beer and reassembled my left carburetor. They both look great and are now wrapped in a plastic bag on a shelf at home waiting for the reassembly.

Today, I won an auction for some raask rear sets and some miscellaneous parts that I'm hoping will fit on this bike. There's also an auction for a titled cb350 frame which would be pretty cool because my title doesn't match the VIN on my frame. This could be a nice opportunity to get my paperwork sorted out.