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one year anniversary, bead blasting, inspection and frame

This post will be a little retrospective.  On April 6th 2010, I bought my first motorcycle, which I am now rebuilding.

In my first post on this rebuild, I mentioned that with "lots of luck and perseverance, by April 6th 2011 Claudia will unrecognizable as the bike I bought earlier this year."  While that is certainly true, my intention was to define April 6th as my deadline.  I'm not even halfway finished at this point, but I've learned a lot and I really am making progress.

the definitive word on CB350 gasket kits

There are quite a few gasket kits available that claim to have every gasket for the CB350.  This is a lie.  The list below identifies every gasket used in the CB350 engine and shows which gasket sets contain each.  This is a work-in-progress.  Suggestions/corrections/additions are welcome.  Anything in italics is something that I have not verified first hand.

parts engine disassembly

Disassembling my parts engine proved to be very easy, compared to my bike's engine!  I was able to get most of it disassembled in just a few hours.  I borrowed a 240 foot/pound impact wrench and no fastener stood in my way.

I would like to thank Dan again for setting me up with this engine.

split crankcase and reassembled petcock

I have reached a milestone in the engine disassembly.  The crankcase is split!

I tied a rope through the mount holes on the bottom and pulled on it while pushing on the upper crankcase with my thumb and it just popped right open!

my rearsets

A while back I won an auction for some rearsets.  They are RAASK brand and were taken from a Kawasaki.  

I still don't know how well they will work, but they were significantly less expensive than anything else I found new.  

top end disassembly

I've had two setbacks on this project. First, someone broke into my house the day before Thanksgiving. Since it was a holiday, I couldn't get anyone to repair my door until Saturday, which means I lost two and a half days of prime garage time. The second setback was my schedule which consisted of a Snow Angels show, my birthday, TRON LEGACY, x-mas vacation back home and NYE in New Orleans. The good new is that I do have the engine at my house!

the engine is out of the frame

I finally got my engine out!

I bought a new cutting wheel for my Dremel and after hacking away with it and banging with a rubber mallet for another 30 minutes or so, I destroyed the tack weld and removed the gear shifter. With that out of the way, I was able to remove the engine.

carburetors are rebuilt - petcock is disassembled

I spent some more time yesterday attacking that tack weld on my gear shifter. Unfortunately, the grinding wheel I have has worn down significantly and I've noticed a great degradation in its performance. Here is a photo of me "working it" with my helmet on because I don't have safety glasses at the garage.

right side carburetor cleaned and reassembled

I reassembled my right carburetor tonight. I replaced the 105 high-speed jet with the 115 that came with my rebuild kit. I also replaced the float bowl gasket. The other components seem fine and Benjamin suggested that I leave them alone until there's a reason to change them. While I was reassembling it, I did a bit more cleaning. Check out the difference between it and the dirty one!

carburetor cleaning and rebuild

Last night I went back to the garage to get the rotor off of my 750 and had no luck so I dove back in to the 350 rebuild. I did some minor bodywork removal, attacked the tack weld on my gear shifter and use chem-dip to clean one of my carburetors.